Blending the Real with the Abstract

The year is 2019, and photographs are no longer cool. While you were out taking photos with your phone, the kids these days were 3D-scanning people into their laptops and animating their digital models. Do you feel old now? You are old. You don’t even know what a laptop is.

Linked Above: Animations experimenting with 3D-scanned models.

Just Messin’ Around

I’m always looking to broaden my tool set, and motion graphics is a field that has a bottomless pit of things to learn. Below are some of my experiments that I’ve done in my free time.

Linked Above: Animated videos experimenting with 3D-scanned models, motion capture, and animation software.

What is Moore’s Law?

Using a process called photogrammetry, you can reconstruct a 3D model of yourself using just photos of yourself. You can even use your phone to take these photos, as long as your thumb isn’t covering everything. Come on buddy, move your thumb.

Another tool that animators have been using is motion-capture, allowing them to create lifelike animations and alter them digitally. And I didn’t even need any expensive equipment. I was able to access motion-capture sequences online, completely free. Even a dumb kid like me was able to get it up and working in no time,

It’s certainly hard to believe. Almost feels like just yesterday we were impressed by the discovery of fire. Technology is evolving quickly, and so is the landscape of visual art. I’m here to keep up with it.