Summer 2019

Elevating a Song into an Experience

I worked with Strath, an Australian-born musician, to visualize his new single Again and Again. He supplied the ‘retro prom’ acoustics, I supplied the ‘help I’m on acid’ visuals, and what we created was hypnotic nonsense. The teamwork that I just described is called a ‘bromance’, and if you’re not already getting emotional right now then I actually don’t blame you. Tears are for sad things, and bromances are just sick.

Linked Above: My animation for Strath’s single Again and Again.

Open your Third Eye…

With this project, I experimented in abstract animation and pushed my laptop’s GPU to the absolute limit. Though my laptop did catch on fire and burn down a peaceful little village that hadn’t done anything wrong, I do believe that the whole process was worth it. As I move forward, I’m aim to continue making bigger projects and bigger fires.