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Exploring Shortcuts to a Punchline

It was Spring 2018, I was sitting on the couch of my apartment, and I decided I wanted to become instagram famous. I’d eaten my last canned salmon and needed a new way to trigger my reward system, so I acted on animal instinct and turned to my phone. Yes, most people outgrow this phase early on, but I’m not like most people. I’m dumber.

Pictured Above: A set of some of my comics. You can find more on instagram @teddyninh

Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

My work was noticed by a rich friend with bad taste in art. He was interested in buying large, framed prints of some of my comics. I sold them to him under the condition that he must hang them in his living room and laugh every time he passes by. This is not unreasonable.

I also started printing a couple of my designs onto t-shirts and sweaters just to see if people would actually buy them. To my surprise, within minutes I sold 10 billion orders — more than the population of Earth.

Pictured Above: A set of 24″ x 36″ framed prints, some tshirts, and some sweaters that I sold.

It’s a-me, @teddyninh

I never became “insta-famous”, but throughout the process I challenged myself to consistently create content using punchy dialogue, simple scenarios, and surprising outcomes. Some comics were bad, a few got me money, and one got a random explosion of likes from instagram users in Latin America. I’d call that a wild success.

Pictured Above: my merch out in the real world.