Art Direction + Illustration + Publication
Fall 2017

Print Is Dead, but I Made a Magazine


There’s nothing more hip these days than hating on the Lampoon. But with an alumni roster that includes Conan O’Brien, BJ Novak, Alan Yang, Chevy Chase, John Updike, and many more, the Lampoon still remains sought-after and exclusive despite its reputation. Only the most hopeful students look to join the cult.

But I didn’t know all this freshman year. What happened was my friend told me to apply, I mumbled “what’s Lampoon?”, and then I saw the application process through to the end because that’s just how stupid I am. And then once initiations started, I was brainwashed within probably 5 seconds.

One year later, when I was asked to direct my own magazine issue, I mumbled “what’s magazine?”, and the rest is obvious.

Pictured Above: My three-page, foldout cover for my issue of the Lampoon.

Rule of Threes


My issue, the Once In A Blue Moon#, was focused on the rare, the strange, the impossible, and the uncanny. I wanted my cover to be dense with strange yet scenic details. I threw some moons in there too. The panorama spans the width of three covers— the back, the front, and a foldout.

Pictured Above: The fold-out cover broken into each page. The back cover (left), the front cover (middle), and the fold-out (right).

The Method


For this issue, I illustrated most of the pieces. I also laid out the written and illustrated pieces (pairing them together), requested pieces from specific artists, and made sure the whole issue felt cohesive but collaborative.

This took many, many frustrating hours. After it was all done, I squeezed in some ads, zipped it up for sendoff, then punched a hole through my laptop.

Pictured Above: A selection of some pages from the magazine. All pages were laid out and designed by me, and all illustrations were drawn by me (except for on page 6 and 16 above).

The Madness


After such a big undertaking, I never wanted to see that Indesign file ever again. But when I held a physical copy in my hands, it all felt worth it.

Directing an issue is considered an honor given only to members who have proven their dedication to the organization. I knew that the undertaking would mean long hours and schizophrenic breaks, so it didn’t surprise me when I got tazed and put into a straitjacket, permanently. Still, I couldn’t have predicted all the little moments of joy along the way, and the big moment of joy at the end.

The Lampoon is a special place that shouldn’t exist, but does. The magazines we publish, the projects we run, and the pranks we pull are just the surface. The best things are kept secret.

Pictured Above: a staff photo taken during Jeopardy host Alex Trebek’s visit (left), a photo taken during the Lampoon’s annual Garden Party (right)