Fall 2019

Reviving a Panda Express Classic

We all know Panda Express for their authentic Chinese food. In fact, they invented Chinese food; the first Panda Express restaurant was owned by Emperor Qin. Before that, people in ancient China ate hamburgers and french fries.

I was tapped because Panda Express wanted to bring back their customer-favorite, Honey Sesame Chicken. And they wanted to announce it loud and clear. I helped them create these goopy animated gifs for their social media to announce the return of their classic dish. There’s nothing more effective than some honey-coated words.

Linked Above: My animations for Panda Express’ social media announcements.

Short and Sweet

Working with a massive client like Panda Express was a great experience. These animations were short and sweet, and the process was smooth and fun. I’m glad I got a chance to work with them, and who knows, maybe I’ll stop by one day and try out their Honey Sesame Chicken Breast to see what the excitement’s about.

Linked Above: One of Panda Express’ Instagram posts using the gif, along with a comment that made my day. The post can be found here.