Interview + Animation + Sound/Video
Fall 2016

Visualizing Stories of Addiction

Harvard students are a cocktail of obsession, self-medication, and impulsiveness. I wanted to capture a glimpse of this, so I interviewed my friends about their addictions and tried to take as impartial a stance as I could. With levity and apathy, I tried to avoid both the stigma and the glorification that can come with discussions of drug use. I instead simply sought to ask, “What does it feel like?”

Linked Above: My final animation for VES 156 at Harvard, Fall Semester, 2016.

Blank Voices

I wanted to discover the experiences of giving in to addiction, and I wanted the interviews to remain anonymous, but I was initially stuck as to how to present them. Eventually, I ended up taking the stance of no stance. I focused on giving light to heavy interviews, taking interviews to the absurd and abstract, and obfuscating any clear form of stance or message.